A New Beginning

So it’s come to this, a brand new site.

I’m not going to lie. I’m suffering from a serious case of writers block right now. What do am I supposed to say here?

I guess we’ll start with who I am: I go by Crafty in many spaces and I’m yet another aspiring game developer. I’m still learning of course but anyone who tells you they aren’t always learning in this field is lying to you. I currently don’t specialize in anything and have very little work to show as of the time of this writing but failure to plan and all that!

What are my goals with this site? That’s something even I’m trying to figure out right now. But there are a few main ones that I know I will be focusing on from here on out at least.

  • Document my growth as a game developer from amateur hobbyist to full time employment.
  • Motivate myself to grow further by seeing self development on this site.
  • Teach others what I’ve learned by example.
  • Create a portfolio to showcase works.

I’m not 100% sure what to expect on this journey but I’m excited to find out!

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