Introducing: “How Do I?”

It’s time to get crackin’! Starting now I will be attempting to write some educational posts that will be compiled together under the How Do I page. At first there will likely be a ton of updates to the list and it will slowly trickle in after that as I learn new things.

What to expect

Over the next few days, I will be doing write-ups for some of the most absolute beginner concepts of the programs I use and general workflow. After that, I will be increasing the intensity a little before finally diving into the big stuff.

Examples of beginner ideas include:

  • Unity
    • How I use the new input system with events
    • How I would create various character controllers
    • How to create a basic high score
  • Blender
    • How I create low poly objects
    • Basics to UV unwrapping
    • Introduction to textures and maps

Yes, I fully acknowledge that tutorials and educational materials for all of these items exist, but I would like to point out that not everyone learns the same way. Knowing that I will also be providing links to some of these other tutorials and courses as I find them just in case someone needs them.

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